I am style curator, artistic director, a dream chaser who believes in the power of storytelling, a forgotten art in the new world of analytics and data. I help fashion brands, corporate companies, musicians, non-profits, influencers and public figures seduce their audience through meticulous branding, visuals and sound. . I orchestrate soul searching for brands so they can discover the importance of contributing to social change.






Some minds are so exceptional they change the world, how this comes about is unclear. However, what is clear is the creative genius that humbly dwells in the artist and self-taught fashion designer, simply known as Bless. It is the contradictions of his humble upbringing in the rural outskirts of Zimbabwe, that spark the narrative of the very fabric of his enigmatic creations in the luxury fashion worlds of New York City, Los Angeles & Boston. Outwardly exists a seemingly effortless transition for the man listed as the most stylish by The Boston Globe, but inwardly dwells an imperial battle of a native culture at war against the superfluous western world. It is this juxtaposition that sparks his quest for minimalistic, harmonious beauty, which then gives birth to his exquisite Street Wear, Ready To Wear & Couture / Bespoke creations.



The magic, which is how he refers to his creative process, is conceived in his Atelier in Boston, which he fittingly named “The House of Love”. Behind his effortless smile thrives a relentless pursuit for artistic perfection, which attracted companies such as Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, Ducati, Guess, Moschino, MTV, J Crew, Old Navy, Macy’s, Target and more. He is the designer of his eponymous label Bless By Bless and he is also the founder of and the first ever non-profit fashion brand The Army of Luv.



Bless has branded and created employee fashion collections for major hotel brands like Marriott International, W Hotels, Norwich Partners (AC Hotels) and Intercontinental Hotels Group. With a combined contribution of over a million dollars raised through his charitable causes, he was been awarded a “Soldier of Love” award and also won multiple Boston Fashion Awards & Nominations. With a current focus of being a creative director while continuing to cross-pollinate fashion and social awareness, the future burns bright for Bless and any brand that receives his self proclaimed “magic touch”.